I had been  interested in book arts for years, but my passion for the form really began after I ran the 2013  Boston Marathon on American Liver Foundation’s Run for Research team and found myself searching for ways to express the complex impacts of the marathon, the bombing, and the aftermath.  I began to work a series of artist’s books on the Boston Marathon.  Since that time I have created  several dozen artists’ books that combine mythic, historic, literary, and seasonal or science elements. cropped full marathon iiiI find artists’ books particularly well suited for capturing multiple perspectives, the passage of time, and paradigm shifts because they offer so many opportunities for the use of complementary or competing text and visual narratives in two, three, four (or more) dimensions.

I have  created  artist  books  and  participated  in  national  book  arts  exhibitions and collaborations  on  a variety  of  topics,  but I am  currently  most  interested  in  works  that explore the variety of  mental constructs and  the nature of mental and physical reality, climate change, cultural differences, and under  represented multi-dimensional experience.  I am a member of New England Book Artists. Craetive Process Haystack

Eco Panes i (2)


  •  CLIMATE EQUITY: A Better Future for All, curated by Jingyi Wang, Arthaus, Allston, MA, 2023
  • NATIONAL MEMOIR ZINE PROJECT: A national zine collaboration Sponsored by the San Diego Book Arts and New England Book Arts (among others), Spring 2023.N Ballard. The Books That Made Me view 2 under 1M
  • “Memorial,”  Exhibition on Loss, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2020.
  • ECO Panes: Visions of Climate Change in The Waste Land on Earth Exhibition curated by Caitlin Bowler,  Crossings Gallery, Harvard Ed Portal, 2019
  •  “Peace in Her Time; Visionary Women Against War and Violence,”  exhibition curated by Susan Janowsky, sponsored by Unbound Visual Arts, Honan-Allston Library Art Gallery, 2019
  • “A Long Distance Relationship; the 26.2 Mile Journey,” Invitational Visual Arts Exhibition, Attleboro Arts Museum, 2018
  • “Synecdoche:  The Manifold Nature of Truth,” 23rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Zullo Gallery Center for the Arts, 2017
  • ECO PANES: Visions of Climate Change, Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts, Brandeis University, 2017
  • Judge’s Choice Award for “Surviving the Election,”  Beyond the Book, An Exhibition of Book as Art X, Boston Public Libraries, 2017
  • Librarian’s Choice Award for “Remains of the Day 2,”  Tell Me a Story Epic i Beyond the Book, An Exhibition of the Book as Art VII, Boston Public Libraries.
  • Judge’s Merit of Distinction Award for “Muscle Memory,”  Beyond the Book, An Exhibition of the Book as Art VII, Boston Public Libraries
  • Tenth Anniversary Beyond the Book, Exhibition of the Book as Art, Boston Public Libraries,  November 2016-January 2017
  • Olympic Spirit, Boston City Hall, Fall 2015
  •  Beyond the Book, An Exhibition of the Book a Art VIII, Boston Public Libraries, 2014
  •  EPIC,  Harvard Allston Educational Portal, 2014
  •  Beyond the Book Art VII,  Boston Public Libraries, 2013
  • I’ll Be There, 2013 Boston Marathon Music and Video Montage for American Liver Foundation 2014 Fundraising Campaign.


  •  20 Ways to Tell a Story using Zines; 8 Different Flexible Zine Structures.  Medfield Public Library, Medfield, MA. April 6, 2023.
  • “How We Are Changed by the Things That Don’t Happen; Explorations in Literature and Life,” for Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University (with Katerina Daley and Sage Hahn in Brandeis Student/Scholar program).
  • “How We Are Changed by the Things That Don’t Happen in Poetry and Life,” Brandeis University Writing Program (with Katerina Daley and Sage Hahn in Brandeis Student /Scholar program).

For further information on  projects and workshops that incorporate artist bookmaking see In the Works and Presentations and Workshops.

DSC_0106 DSC_0117 Tell Me A Story 2014 (i)JF with book cropped2013 Beyond the Book Opening

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