Journey of Integrity montage

2020 Heroines’ Journeys Project Website Collaboration.

Spring, 2020 Poetry Project  Outdoor Ongoing Exhibition, Former Medfield State Hospital, Medfield, MA

2020  New Essay: “When the Body Reads; Writing Sensory Perception for Reader Embodiment,” in The Science of Story: The Brain Behind Creative Nonfiction ed. by Sean Prentiss and Nicole Walker.  Bloomsbury Press.

May 2020, Finalist, MacQueen Quinterly Journal of Art and Literature, Ekphrastic Challenge, “After the Circus”  (poetry)



F Many Masks 9 x 7 150 dpi Level 7

Spring, 2020  Haiku  Ekphrastics in  Rest Between Notes by Fran Forman (photography book).

Summer 2020 Boston Share the Care Art Exhibition, online and at Scollay Square Gallery, Boston City Hall (in September).





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