Electrodes on head

When We Awoke

 A collection of poems examining the intersections between consciousness,  social issues, and  yearning for  possible worlds.

feather woman 8 (very good)    The Heroine Journeys Project

A multidisciplinary exploration of alternatives to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey including workshops, lecture presentations, and website blog.


The Year of the Unicorn

An interconnected of personal essays on marathon-like endeavors inspired by running the 2013 and 2014  Boston Marathons, my triathlete buddies, and those I’ve known who’ve undertaken far harder tasks, usually involuntarily.

18 year old cropped and blued-crop

 The Odd Direction of Heaven

Memoir combining psychology, neurobiology, and history.




How We Are Changed by the Things That Don’t Happen

A braided essay examining narratives that revolve around the thing that didn’t happen.


avatar -crop    No Bar Too Low

An adult humor picture book about an avatar who wants to run a marathon but on many days is more interested in hir identity as runner than in training.


 Read me a Children's story 

Tell Me A Children’s Story

Artist Book on narrative arcs in children’s literature.

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