Electrodes on head

Take Me to the River

 A series of  essays on the neuroscience underpinning of stories that readers remember over long periods of time.

feather woman 8 (very good)    The Heroine Journeys Project

A multidisciplinary exploration of alternatives to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey including workshops, lecture presentations, and website blog.


The Year of the Unicorn

An interconnected of personal essays on marathon-like endeavors inspired by, among other things, running the 2013 and 2014  Boston Marathons.

18 year old cropped and blued-crop

 The Odd Direction of Heaven

Memoir combining psychology, neurobiology, and history.



How We Are Changed by the Things That Don’t Happen

A braided essay examining narratives that revolve around the thing that didn’t happen.


avatar -crop    No Bar Too Low

An adult humor picture book about an avatar who wants to run a marathon but on many days is more interested in hir identity as runner than in training.


 Read me a Children's story 

Tell Me A Children’s Story

Artist Book on narrative arcs in children’s literature.

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