Writing Workshops:

  • The Science of Evocation:  The Art and Science of Memorable Stories
  • Fly Me To the Moon:  The Role of Psychic Distance in Fiction and Nonfiction
  • How We Are Changed by  Things that Don’t Happen
  • Lies and Betrayals in Life and On the Page
  • A Sense of Place
  • The  Role of Conjecture and Speculation in Creative Nonfiction
  • Why We Laugh; Humor in Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Neuroscience and Story
  • From Here to Eternity; Time and Distance in Narrative Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Tell Me A Story;  Working with Plot and Narrative Arcs in Memoir and Fiction
  • Living in the Ever After; The Heroine’s Journey and Other Alternatives to the Hero’s Journey in Film and Literature

Tell Me a Story from Above




 Workshops that Incorporate Bookmaking and Visual Arts

  • How We Are Changed by the Things That Don’t Happen; Transforming Plot
  • The Memory Palace
  • Flow and the Creative Process
  •  Poetry and Bookmaking
  • Art from Parts


Women and Life/Career Workshops

  • Glass Slippers, Glass Ceilings and the Four Chambered Heart
  • Voice, Visibility, and Impact
  • Top Issues to Master for a Thriving Career
  • The Tale that Wags the Dog:  The Role of Narrative and Story in Organizational Change
  • Law Firm Economics and Women’s Career Success

Workshops and presentations on various aspects of writing and/or  career-life issues generally last from 2-3 hours but can be as short as 90 minutes or combined and expanded to encompass a full day retreat.  Many presentations and workshops include power point and audio or video components, and most come with handouts. Each workshop has instructional, interactive, and hands-on components.Nancer Ballard at presentation

For a list of presentations and venues, see my 2015 Curriculum Vitae.  All presentations and workshops can be custom designed for your particular organization, conference, or group.  I also have some limited  availability for writing coaching and tutoring and expect to two more slots opening in the fall of 2015.  For more information about a workshop or to inquire about coaching and presentation rates and arrangements, click here.Writing Desk

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